Talking Toys and audio for Multi-media


Speech and Music Delvelopement for toys and other multi-media has been a specialty of mine since 1996. Years of experience recording and mixing music for CD, film, and television, has given me a keen ear and an acute attention to detail that I bring to your project. Working with your script writers, I can produce recording documents and script concatenation tailored to storage duration of your product, with detailed document generation for programming. Full voice talent casting and recording services are available. Experienced with PCM, ADPCM, LPC, MELP, CELP, and with all of the popular chip manufacturers. As a third party delevolper for Sensory, Inc., I have the hardware and software tools for creating files for use with the SC-6x speech synthesis chip for long duration speech and interactive products.. .

A few projects are listed here as examples of large volume speech and complex concantenation. Of course, no project is a small project, so please don't hesitate to contact me for a qualtiy job at a fair price...


Fisher Price FP3 Song and Story Player
Walt Disney World® Monsters Laugh Floor
Fisher-Price Star Station
Walt Disney World® Pal Mickey
Fisher-Price Barbie Jeep Wranger Hot Wheels
Microsoft Actimates Interactive Barney
Microsoft Actimates Interactive Teletubbies
Fisher-Price Intelli-Table
Tiger Electronics Interactive E.T.
Hasbro True You Personality Profiler
Milton Bradley Mr. Potato Head Says
Hasbro Mr. Potato Head Find Me



The Kid-Tough FP3™ Player is a real digital player designed just for preschoolers. It’s tough enough and easy enough for kids to use. We’ve also made it easy for parents to download songs and stories onto the player from the Fisher-Price® FP3 Song & Story Online Store, or from any CD you already own.

Vist the FP3 Song & Story website for samples of music & stories available online by clicking HERE.

Production consultant and editor of Mike and Roz character voices for Walt Disney World® Resort attaraction Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club. Inspired by Disney·Pixar's "Monsters, Inc."

Help Mike Wazowski, your "Monster of Ceremonies," and his wild and crazy pals power the city of Monstropolis — with laughter! Mike and his buddies have transformed the Laugh Floor at Monsters, Inc. into a comedy club for visiting humans. You won't have the exact same experience twice as Mike invites his furry and funny friends to the digital stage to trade jokes with audience members like you. And don't miss the wise-cracking Roz, who isn't sure Mike is up to the task!




Fisher-Price Star Station

Make your little one the star of their own TV show! The Star Station™ Entertainment System puts kids on camera, so they can see themselves on TV as they sing to their favorite KIDZ BOP® songs.

Kid friendly controls make it easy--just plug it into your TV and play. Wireless mic lets kids control all of the special effects lenses! As you watch them perform on TV, you also watching their self-esteem and self-confidence grow. They're sure to be a bit hit!

KIDZ BOP® is parent-approved and kid-cool! Featuring kid friendly versions of today's most popular songs--sung by kids for kids--KIDZ BOP® continues to be one of the most popular and most recognized music products for kids ages 3--11. The Star Station base unit includes four KIDS BOP® favorites. Eight addtional cartidges are available, each with eight popular songs.



Gear up for music-filled fun and real driving adventure in the Barbie™ Jammin’ Jeep® Wrangler, featuring a simulated FM radio with 8 orignal compositions produced by New Media Sound. Realistic details inside and out—like working doors that really open and close and a rear storage area to stow all her gear. Drives two speeds forward (2.5 & 5 mph max.), one speed reverse, on hard surfaces and grass. Equipped with a high-speed lock out for beginners and Power Lock® brakes.



Experience the enchantment of Walt Disney World® Resort with the ultimate Disney expert, Pal Mickey. This huggable, interactive Mickey Mouse plush will let you in on insider park tips, give you parade and showtime reminders, tell you when your favorite characters are nearby, and let you know about short waits at your favorite attractions. Pal Mickey will entertain kids of all ages with his jokes, interactive games and fun facts that will make your visit to the Walt Disney World Resort truly magical.

* Delight in over 700 fun facts and Theme Park tips.
* Innovative technology ensures that Pal Mickey knows where he is while exploring the four Theme Parks, and he will share information with you at just the right time and place.
* The entertainment continues outside of the Walt Disney World® Resort and even back home, where he will share his jokes and play three interactive games.

Mickey Mouse,Pal Mickey


Acitmates Barney
Microsoft ActiMates Barney does what any good learning partner would do --makes learning fun! Squeeze his TOE to hear one of 17 songs. Squeeze his HAND to play one of 12 games. Cover his EYES to play peek-a-boo. He has a vocabulary of 2,000 words.

Adding the TV Pack accessory allows Barney to:
Interact with daily PBS® broadcasts of the Barney and Friends™ TV show
Interact with compatible Barney videotapes
Increase vocabulary to more than 4,000 words

Adding the PC Pack accessory allows Barney to:
Interact with compatible Barney software titles
Increase vocabulary to more than 14,000 words


Microsoft Actimates Teletubbies. Squeeze the Teletubbies hands or feet to play games and see pictures on the "TV Tummy." By squeezing the hands and feet in different combinations, children can discover new patterns, create unique images, and even compose their own songs.

Press the Teletubbies TV tummy to hear thirteen different tunes, each with a unique animation. Each tune is played with three different musical instruments; the piano, clarinet, and tuba.
Adding the TV Pack accessory enables the Teletubbies to:Interact with daily PBS broadcasts of the hit Teletubbies™ television series
Interact with ActiMates-compatible Teletubbies videotapes

Actimates Telletubbies


Fisher-Price Intellitable Developed with Microsoft's expertise in interactive technology and Fisher-Price's knowledge of how children learn, Intelli-Table is packed with engaging, educational activities.

Three play & learn rings teach basic concepts (ABCs, 123s, etc.) music and thinking skills, with content reinforced by visual effects on the light-up dome. Each ring emphasizes creative, open-ended play, and activities become more advanced as your child grows. As kids gain new skills and understanding, there are new interactions to discover that will keep them coming back to play in the months and years to come!

Designed in a similar fashion to Tiger's successful Furby, Interactive E.T. is a fully-animated friend who interacts with his environment through a series of built-in sensors. Interactive E.T. can move his eyes and mouth, has a 400-word vocabulary and can communicate 1000 different phrases. He even has a heart light and a glowing finger

The toy features advanced artificial intelligence that allows him to adapt and change his behaviors. Interactive E.T. can even communicate with other Interactive E.T.'s, as well as Tiger's other products including Interactive Gizmo, Furby and Furby Babies via infrared transmissions.


Hasbro True You Personality Profiler Habro's True You Personaltiy Profiler. Have fun with 100s of questions in 6 categories: Boys & Love, Family & Friends, School Stuff, Future, Entertainment and Anything Goes! With 550 words of speech, the Profiler talks you through data entry, and leads you through enlightening games. Play "Whose Profile is Whose?" and find out how well the gang knows one another! Or play "Hot Spot™" and find out who knows you the best!

Hasbro's Mr. Potato Head Says is like the traditional Simon Says game: listen until your favorite spud instructs you to put a piece in his body. He knows exactly where you put each part, and he will encourage you with his repertoire of more than 650 words or sounds. Each time you put in the right part, collect a chip, and the player with the most chips wins. If you put in a wrong part, he resonds with a wisecrack. Mr. Potato Head has a great sense of humor that keeps the game lively.


Hasbro's Mr. Potato Head Find Me. Designed for solitaire or dual play, this game of matching and recognition requires no reading skills. Players try to eliminate all but one of the 15 tile frames that depict Mr. Potato Head wearing different combinations of three silly parts--including purple eyeglasses, a green cap, or a yellow bow tie--in the fewest turns.